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In our experience, every project has its own specific requirements. Water supply, floor construction, paths and last but not least your own wishes play a role in choosing the right outdoor shower. FONTEALTA outdoor showers are designed for a solid and durable installation. Usually, a fixed connection is connected to this. The showers can be left outside all year round and do not need to be dismantled in winter if they are properly maintained and cared for. Nevertheless, our recommendation is to secure moving parts such as large overhead showers and hand showers in winter.
FONTEALTA showers are made to order for our customers.
Some options we can offer standardized due to many years of experience, others may have to be worked out for you. According to the motto "nothing is impossible!" we will take care of the best solution for your future pool shower or garden shower.
In the following, we will inform you in detail about additional equipment possibilities.

Concealed water supply




water supply


Four Saison

Fixation on Ground

Garden tap

Surfaces | Finishes

Concealed water supply CW


Installation body

Indoors, precise requirements are placed on the installation of a free-standing tap or shower. In order to meet these requirements, FONTEALTA offers a specially developed base body for floor installation.
The base body is sunk into the floor structure and serves to accommodate the water pipes at the side. The adapters located on the shower are permanently installed and connected mechanically to the base body. Flush mounted bodies are mainly used indoors. They enable absolutely precise alignment of the shower, both perpendicularly and in relation to the floor structure. This type of installation belongs in the hands of a sanitary specialist.
Technical notes:
  • It is not possible to change from one system to the other, as the connections must be installed at the factory.
  • The frost protection system 4S cannot be combined with the floor installation base.

External water supply EW

Oberirdischer Anschluss (EW)

In some locations, it is difficult to get water pipes to the shower either concealed or underground. Be it long distances or retrofit installation, water pipes are not always in the ground or can be laid where they are needed.
Easy and quick drainage can also be a criterion for choosing an above-ground water connection to the shower.
For this purpose, one or two couplings (cold/hot) for the water supply are installed at the foot of the shower. These couplings are equipped with 1/2" internal threads. You can connect the water pipe to them either permanently or by means of an adapter. These connections are located at the back of the shower at a height of 100 or 200 mm.
The above-ground connection can be selected for both cold water showers and hot water showers.

Antifrost System - Four Saison 4S

 Dusche mit Frostschutz (4S)

For year-round use of an outdoor shower, pipes and fittings must be protected against frost. This is done by means of a trace heating system that is permanently connected to the inner pipe system. In addition, the internal installation is given a jacket of environmentally friendly Armacell® for insulation.
The heating loop was developed especially for us and is precisely matched to the requirements of the shower systems. It is equipped with a thermostat which automatically monitors the temperature. For commissioning, a 5 m cable is used for connection to a 230 V (external) socket.
Technical data:
heating loop with a thermostat at the end of the heating loop
Length: 3m
Output: 7W/m (22 W)
Voltage: 230V
5m connection cable
Working range: on/off +3°/+9°, up to max. - 20°C
The heating reaches to the base of the shower. All pipes supplied from outside must be secured in the system by the customer. For this purpose, we recommend pipe trace heating systems available from specialist dealers, which are available in various lengths.
Technical notes:
  • The trace heating cannot be combined with a floor installation base body.
  • Extensions to the electrical cable may only be carried out by a specialist company of the electrical trade!
  • When using the floor anchor, the part of the cables outside the shower must be protected against frost by the customer.

Extension on ground GW


For locations without a paved underground, a so-called ground anchor can be helpful. This is used if the shower is to be used on the beach, in a gravel bed or in the middle of a lawn. The ground anchor can be used for cold and hot water showers alike.
The 1 m long profile pipe is buried in the ground or, even better, fixed with a light underground concrete foundation. The upper end is formed by a flange plate, which is identical to the floor flange of the shower. Shower and ground anchor are finally connected by means of a fixed screw connection.
The extended connection lines exit through an opening in the concealed area of the ground anchor and can be connected to the supplied lines at this point. It is recommended to lead the supply lines to the shower in an empty conduit for possible inspection work.
After installation, the fixing point is filled up again with the existing material, be it sand or earth.
Technical notes:
  • The ground anchor can be combined with the 4S frost protection system. It is important to note that the trace heating ends at the base plate of the shower. On-site, frost protection of the extended water pipes must be provided. Pipe insulation such as Armaflex® is suitable as insulation.

Garden tap | Footwash faucet


Very often we were told that we wanted to have an additional garden tap available at the shower. This is also possible. A water tap or foot shower can be ordered optionally in most cases.
Furthermore, individual production makes it possible for you to determine the position of the tap yourself. In case of order, you then inform us of the orientation (front, back, 90°) and the desired height.
The garden tap RE10 is equipped with both a Neoperl insert and a 3/4" hose connection. Both inserts can be used optionally. You do not have to decide in advance which version you want.
Different models:

RE10 compare W10.HB

RE10.L compare W10.HB.L

The garden faucet offers practical use for filling the pool or whirlpool, as an additional foot shower and also for watering the garden. Many things speak for it!

Surfaces | Finishes

Oberirdischer Anschluss (EW) Oberfläche gebürstet Schwarz Matt Ral

Supermirror finish

The basic surface, which is firmly anchored in the philosophy of FONTEALTA, is the mirror polished surface. This wonderfully brilliant shiny surface is created by hand. It has its origin in nautical polishing.
The home of FONTEALTA is the Italian coastal town of Viareggio, where there are not only fantastic beaches. Several well-known shipyards are located in the vicinity. In this area absolutely corrosion-resistant steel elements made of V4A-steel (INOX AISI 316) are needed, which are traditionally all polished by hand to protect them against the aggressiveness of the salt water. The surface is practically smoothed in such a way that all pores are closed and there is no reason for salt particles to adhere. In practice, this protection also extends to harmful substances such as lime and chlorine.

Matt brushed finish

Architecture and zeitgeist also demand matt surfaces. For this purpose, showers and fittings with a particularly fine finish are created using the finest abrasives. Nevertheless, the basic process of mirror polishing is retained, whereby the lower layers are still firmly sealed and only a micro-area of the surface is roughened. The guaranteed corrosion resistance is retained.
This allows FONTEALTA showers and fittings to remain permanently outside at all times and in all places.

Matt black | RAL

As an extension of the product range, FONTEALTA offers color coatings for selected models. The focus is on matt black, as this is the most frequently requested option. The stoving process produces color coatings that are very strong and durable. Nevertheless, the surface is more sensitive than that of pure steel. Traces of use over a longer period of time cannot generally be ruled out. Great care is required, especially during installation. Tools must be padded accordingly.
The same applies to the RAL color palette. In the RAL range, we require the RAL code and the desired degree of gloss to clarify an inquiry. Delivery times are extended to up to 6 weeks.