Wall-mounted shower

Cascade shower + Showerhead

Waterline SA150.S

Waterline SA150.S - wall-mounted showerhead, garden shower, outdoor shower, stainless steel shower, Inox Aisi 316
Waterline SA150.S - garden shower, wall-mounted showerhead

Waterline SA150.SC

Waterline SA150.SC - wall mounted shower arm with concealed showerhead and cascade shower, garden shower, sauna shower, pool shower, wall shower, indoor & outdoor shower, inox aisi 316, Fontealta


Waterline SA150.SC

Wall-mounted shower arm with concealed showerhead and cascade shower

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WATERLINE SA150.SC: Wall-mounted shower head in Inox Aisi 316 by Fontealta, hand-polished surface

The wall shower WATERLINE SA150.SC is equipped with a self-cleaning overhead shower 220 x 110 mm and a splash shower.
The wall element is the ideal equipment for flush-mounted installation in connection with the MR2 shower mixer. The shower mixer has an automatic diverter for changing between a splash shower and an overhead shower. With its double function, this shower head is particularly popular as a sauna shower.
The nautical hand polish seals the surface of the corrosion-free steel (Inox Aisi 316) and makes the overhead shower absolutely insensitive to weather-related influences, even in coastal areas. The garden shower for the wall can remain outside all year round. In the winter half of the year, the pipes must be completely drained to prevent frost damage.
You get Waterline SA150.SC with a polished and matt brushed surface.
Delivery including fastening material

Product properties

wall-mounted showerhead
Shower head
combination of 220 x 110mmshowerhead and cascade shower
Flow pressure
1 – 5 bar
Water connection
Water supply
standard wall installation
Waterline SA150.SC -  wall-mounted showerhead with cascade shower, garden shower, outdoor shower, stainless steel shower, Inox Aisi 316
Waterline SA150.SC - sauna shower, extra cascade shower

Fontealta Waterline SA150

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