Wall-mounted showers

Concealed diverter

Waterline D3

Waterline D3 - 3-way diverter, inox aisi 316 for garden shower, outdoor shower
Waterline D3 - 3-way diverter

Waterline D4

Waterline D4 - 4-ways concealed diverter, for garden shower, indoor and outdoor shower, pool shower, stainless steel shower in Inox Aisi 316, Fontealta, high quality, seawater proof


Waterline D4

4-ways concealed diverter

  • Waterline

WATERLINE D4: four-way diverter in Inox Aisi 316 by Fontealta, hand-polished surface

WATERLINE D4 is a high-quality four-way diverter for wall showers indoors and outdoors.

With D4 you can control different water outlets.

Suitable for:

Showerheads WATERLINE SA40, SA21, SA33, SA5.3R, SA5.3 Q, SA300S, SA300C, SA300SC

Hand showers WATERLINE SK, SR


Foot showers/garden faucet

Product properties

4-ways concealed diverter
Flow pressure
1 – 5 bar
Water connection
Water supply
concealed wall installation
Waterline D4 - 4-way diverter for outdoor shower, garden shower, pool shower, Inox Aisi 316
Waterline D4 - 4-way diverter for outdoor shower

Fontealta Waterline D3

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